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Energy Management. The Company has a wealth of solutions for all types of buildings. The Company has a particular expertise in office blocks, residential nursing homes, warehouse, sports clubs, training centres and schools. The company carries out surveys on the above mentioned buildings in order to advise clients with regards risk assessment and with regards such issues as scalding, burning and fire prevention. The Company has specialist knowledge of water boosting in all buildings covered in this, particularly involving where water services fail due to low pressure. The Company is able to put a support team on site and prepare detailed specifications and supervision if required together with commissioning.

The company conducts on site surveys of existing boiler houses with regards running costs and maintenance and where required can prepare updated boiler schemes to condensing boilers which would be pre-packaged, enabling any heating system to be changed over within a matter of days with flue considerations being of paramount importance. Also incorporating gas safety protection in line with fire regulations and panic button situations for service engineers. The Company also undertakes surveys where poor heat distribution is a problem on wet systems and these systems could be improved by the use of flow regulating valves. The company has commissioning engineers available if required.
The Company becomes involved in warehouse buildings where energy conservation needs evaluating as well as fire safety. The company undertakes residential nursing homes covering all areas of the heating, hot & cold water and sanitation with major emphasis being placed on safety, low maintenance and low running costs. These systems are designed in accordance with all local regulations and legal requirements appertaining to such buildings.
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